Grades 5/6 Students at St. Andrews Consolidated School Unveil Narrative Frieze Entitled “Life in our St. Andrews Community”


In the photo, Grades 5/6 students and Mrs. MacKay proudly display their accomplishment.

St. Andrews Consolidated School’s Grades 5/6 class and their teacher, Suzanne MacKay, celebrated the unveiling of their art work with friends, family, community members, special guests and members of the Strait Regional School Board on Friday, May 15, 2015.  The art work was created in the tradition of 'narrative frieze' under the direction of two local artists - pebble artist Nancy Turniawan and ceramicist Fenn Martin.

An art grant through the ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia Program provided students with several classes led by the local artists involved in the project during the past several months.  The lessons were designed to provide students with enough practice with the materials to eventually plan and construct a piece of public art.  The narrative frieze, “Life in Our St. Andrews Community” is proudly displayed in the new foyer of the school.