Information Regarding a Boil Water Advisory to Students, Parents/Guardians, Staff and Community Use Partners of Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre/Academy

October 22, 2017

For your information, a boil water advisory has been issued for Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre/Acadmey by the Department of Environment. The advisory is due to the fact that the current water line serving the school is undergoing repair.  While the line is being repaired, we have switched to our back-up well water supply which is connected to a chlorination unit.  As a result, the water in the school is NOT to be consumed in any way until further notice.  The water is NOT safe to drink, be mixed with anything or used to brush your teeth. All water fountains have been turned off and signage has been posted throughout the school. 

In consultation with the Department of Environment, we have been advised that the water may be used to flush toilets, wash our hands and shower.

Bottled water for all drinking and food preparation purposes, as well as water coolers, have been provided to our school. This will remain in place until the primary water line has been repaired and water quality testing has been conducted to indicate the water is safe to consume.

Department of Operations
Strait Regional School Board