Policy Manual

Please Note: The province is working with regional centres for education and the Conseil scolaire acadian provincial (CSAP) to build a policy environment which supports changes made to the public education system in 2018. This initiative will include a review of all provincial and regional policies but, until otherwise noted, policies which were developed by former regional school boards will continue to govern operations. Policy directives will still apply and should be considered within the current context. As per legislation, the CSAP's elected Board will continue to have responsibility for the creation of policies and procedures within its jurisdiction.  

Policy Manual

What's new in Policy?

Proposed Policy/Procedures Under Review

There are currently no policies or procedures in the development and review process.

Ministerial Policies and Guidelines

Section I: Strait Regional Centre for Education

Section III: Education

Section IV: Students

Section V: Human Resources

Section VI: The School Community

VI-A-1 Use of School Facilities - Principles and Objectives

VI-A-2 Use of School Facilities - Definitions and User Prioritization

VI-A-3 Use of School Facilities - Permits for School Use

VI-A-4 Use of School Facilities - Security

VI-A-5 Use of School Facilities - Fees and Disposition of Funds

VI-A-6 Use of School Facilities - Serving of Alcoholic Beverages

VI-A-7 Use of School Facilities - Application Process

VI-A-8 Use of School Facilities - Schedule of Fees

VI-A-9 Use of School Facilities - Application/Permit Form

VI-B-1 School Advisory Councils - Mandate (currently under review)

VI-B-2 Setting Up a School Advisory Council (currently under review)

VI-B-3 School Advisory Councils - Defining the Partnership (currently under review)

VI-B-4 School Advisory Councils - School Improvement Plans (currently under review)

VI-B-5 School Advisroy Councils - The Annual Report (currently under review)

VI-C-1 Volunteers in the School

VI-C-1 Volunteers in the School Procedures

VI-C-2 Naming of Board Facilities, Learning Spaces and Commemorative Plaques

VI-C-4 Non-Student Use of Information and Communications Technology

VI-C-4 Non-Student Use of Information and Communications Technology Procedures

VI-C-5 Harassment or Abuse of Staff by the Extended School Community

VI-C-5 Harassment or Abuse of Staff by the Extended School Community Procedures

VI-C-6 Strait Regional School Board (SRSB) Website Privacy

VI-D-1 Evaluation Criteria for Project Proposals

VI-D-2 External Research Projects (currently under review)

VI-D-2 External Research Projects Procedures (currently under review)

Section VII: Fiscal Management

Section VIII: Property Services

Section IX: Transportation