Programs and Student Services Department

Programs and Student Services Department

Darrell LeBlanc, Director of Programs and Student Services

Mr. Darrell LeBlanc was appointed as Director of Programs and Student Services with the Strait Regional Centre for Education (SRCE) as of July 1, 2020.  During Mr. LeBlanc's 26-year career in education, he has worked in a number of positions in several districts across Canada including a classroom teacher, resource teacher, vice principal and principal  Regionaly, he has served as a Coordinator for ten (10) years, responsible at various times for technology integration, student discipline, school improvement planning, school advisory councils, and assessment.  Most recently, he has served as the Coordinator of Human Resources with the SRCE for the past five (5) years.

Mr. LeBlanc’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, a Master of Education in Educational Administration and Policy, a Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology, and a Certificate in Human Resources Management.

Mr. LeBlanc’s leadership activities have extended to facilitating a variety of professional learning opportunities for teachers and school administrators. These opportunities have included leading workshops for principals in Jamaica in conjunction with a local university. He has also served as Chair of the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation.

The Programs and Student Services Department is responsible for the provision of educational programs and services to students and support for schools in the delivery of all aspects of the Public School Program.If your question, concern or comment is about:
    * Curriculum implementation and instruction
    * Student behaviour and conduct
    * Student achievement and evaluation
    * Information technology and integration
    * Records and archives
    * School Advisory Councils
    * School improvement
    * Students with special needs
    * African Canadian and Mi'kmaw Education Services and Student Equity
    * International Students

Please contact Shelley McGee-Wilson, Administrative Assistant; / 902-625-7083

Programs and Student Services Department Staff

Darrell LeBlanc - Director of Programs and Student Services; / 902-625-7083

Shelley McGee-Wilson - Administrative Assistant; / 902-625-7083

Wanda Fougere - Coordinator of Programs and Policy/SAC; / 902-625-5647

Kathy Rhodes - Coordinator of African Canadian Education Services; / 902-631-3515

Jill Burton - Coordinator of Mi'kmaw Services;

Lynn Casey - Student Equity Consultant;

Elizabeth Teasdale - Coordinator, Family of Schools/Student Success Planning/Student Discipline/Gaelic/International Student Program;

Tanya Carter - Coordinator, Family of Schools/Literacy;

Darryl Breen - Coordinator, Family of Schools/Math/Assessment;

Brian Van Den Heuvel - Coordinator of InSchool/Technology/NSVS/Science;

Annamarie Talbot - Coordinator of Student Services;

Shelley MacLean - Consultant of Student Services;

Jennifer MacDonald - Consultant of Student Services;

Scott Goyetche - Consultant of French Programs/Health Promoting Schools;

Kevin Walker - Coordinator, Family of Schools/Youth Pathways;

Eryn Sinclair - Reading Recovery Teacher Leader;

Carolyn Webber - Manager, Pre-Primary and Early Years Programs; / 902-631-4617

All above staff can be reached at 902-625-2191 or 902-625-7083.