SAERC’s Operation Share and Care 2014 - A Community Success

For the past eight years, the students and staff of SAERC have volunteered their time to make Christmas possible for those less fortunate in the community. Yet again, Share and Care has had a very successful year with support from the community, local businesses, and the dedication and determination of all the committee members. With Christmas fast approaching, Share and Care has started to wrap up another great year raising a total of $14,100 and helping to bring Christmas to 40 children in the SAERC school community. Since the beginning of this campaign in 2007, Operation Share and Care has raised $98,508 and has helped bring Christmas to 402 children. This would not have been possible without the support of the staff and students of SAERC, 101.5 The Hawk and many other local businesses.

Each instructional class at SAERC raised money and bought presents for two children in the community. Each class used new and creative fundraisers in the school and community to help raise money, such as dodge ball, jail a teacher, candy grams and bake sales. All the money raised went towards toys and clothes for the children, the local food bank and seasonal services.

Beyond the classroom, students at SAERC have been able to develop a strong relationships with local businesses. This year’s business contributions soared in comparison to previous years as local businesses donated in excess of $3,500.  Operation Share and Care’s long-term partnership with 101.5 The Hawk has always been a hallmark of this campaign, and without their efforts the success of this activity would be that much more challenging.

As this season’s fundraising comes to a close student Co-Chairs Katie MacEachern and Cameron Delaney share their thoughts on the past year.  “As Co-Chair of Operation Share and Care this year I have been able to see how the work of students can really make a difference in our community,” said Cameron Delaney. “Our success this year really shows how the Christmas Spirit can unite the student body of SAERC and the community to make sure everyone has a wonderful Christmas,” added Katie MacEachern.

This year has been the most rewarding year yet. On behalf of all the committee members from Operation Share and Care, we would like to thank the people, and the business members of Port Hawkesbury and surrounding areas for their incredible generosity that allows us to help those in our own community.