SRCE Celebrates Family Literacy Day on January 27, 2022, and Throughout the Year

The Strait Regional Centre for Education invites students, staff, families, volunteers, and community partners to celebrate Family Literacy Day on Thursday, January 27, 2022, and throughout the year, by setting aside time to read with children and youth and inspire them to become lifelong readers.

Family Literacy Day is a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and held annually on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. This year’s theme is “Learning in the Great Outdoors”. Spending time in nature provides many benefits for our physical and mental health.  This year, set aside time to get outside and exercise your mind and body together as a family.  You can make outdoor time fun family learning time all while enjoying the wonders of our beautiful outdoors and natural surroundings!

Literacy skills are essential for lifelong success.  Encouraging reading and writing together as a family helps students develop good listening, speaking, vocabulary and language skills, imagination and creativity, and contributes to their future success and well-being.

There are many ways to develop and strengthen literacy skills while enjoying outdoor activities, reading a book together, playing a word game, writing, making a list, using a recipe, surfing the web, or just simply having a conversation.

The SRCE Programs and Student Services Department under the leadership of Tanya Carter, Coordinator of Literacy, launched a Literacy Campaign leading up to Family Literacy Day and for the month of January.  The campaign invites schools to share on their social media channels photos of students and staff caught reading or writing using diverse tools and strategies to celebrate the many ways they are incorporating literacy skills across the curriculum in the Pre-primary Program and in Grades Primary to 12.  On Twitter, follow @SRCE_Literacy and @SRCE_NS to learn more about the great work happening in SRCE schools to develop and strengthen students’ reading and literacy skills.

In addition, the following resource was developed by the SRCE Literacy Team for families to promote reading at home:

Literacy instruction is a priority for all students in the SRCE, across subjects and grade levels. In addition to school-based staff, Programs and Student Services staff, including but not limited to SchoolsPlus personnel, Speech-Language Pathologists, English as an Additional Language teachers, have an integral role in developing literacy learning of students through in-class programming.  Further, the goal of improving student achievement in literacy is one of the main goals included in both the SRCE’s System Improvement Plan and Educational Business Plan for 2021-2022.  Both plans focus on goals and priorities that will raise the bar and close the gap to address the needs of all learners in the SRCE. For more information, please access the complete plan at SRCE System Improvement Plan for 2021-2022, and access the infographic below or online at SRCE System Improvement Plan 2021-2022 Infographic.  Additional information may be accessed in the SRCE Educational Business Plan for 2021-2022.

Let’s make reading and learning together part of our everyday activities in and out of the classroom.