Staff Email

ATTENTION: Please read the following important information regarding your SRCE email account.

SRCE email is being migrated to a new platform, Microsoft 365 (M365). This platform is all online and more importantly, has been checked and verified to be compliant with all Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) and Personal Information International Disclosure Protection Act (PIIDPA) regulations.

M365 offers additional resources for staff, enabling you to have access to the Microsoft Suite of programs from any device. As part of this new email platform, there is a second level of security being introduced to help secure your account. This new security measure is called two-factor authentication and will allow you to change your own password eliminating the need to submit a ticket via Strait Online. This authentication process will request additional information in order to verify it is the account holder asking for a password change.

This process will send you a verification code. There are three options available to receive a verification code:

  • Second email address
    Verification code sent to a second email. This second email can be your GNSPES email or any other email that you wish to use. It cannot be your SRCE email.

  • Text
    Verification code sent via text to a phone number that you provide and which you have access to receive the verification code. Please note this text will come from a number, you must open the text to receive the verification code.

  • Call
    Verification code sent via phone call to a phone number that you provide and which you have access. The phone number can be your personal phone, your SRCE supplied phone or a land line you would have access to receive the verification code.

The SRCE Tech Support team recommends you set up at least one of the options available for the two-factor authentication. The information provided is stored only within the SRCE M365 platform which, as stated earlier, is compliant with all FOIPOP and PIIDPA regulations and will be used solely for the two-factor authentication process.

If you need support during the two-factor authentication process, please submit a tech request via Strait Online.

New SRCE Staff E-Mail Link:

New SRCE Staff E-Mail Login format:

Username: ( is required)

Password: same password