Strait Regional Centre for Education Celebrates Mi'kmaq History Month 2021: Ekina’masimkl Ankukamkewe’l aqq Tela’matultimk Wejiaq - Exploring Treaties and Treaty Relationships

October 1 is Treaty Day and marks the beginning of Mi'kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia.  Throughout the year, and especially in October, teachers incorporate a variety of educational activities in their classroom instruction to highlight the connection of our past to today and how this information shapes our understanding of our shared history. In addition, schools organize activities to enhance Treaty Education.

Treaty Day and Mi’kmaq History Month is an opportunity for each of us to reflect on our own understanding of the important history, culture, contributions, achievements and traditions of the Mi’kmaq community.

The theme of Mi'kmaq History Month 2021 is Ekina’masimkl Ankukamkewe’l aqq Tela’matultimk Wejiaq - Exploring Treaties and Treaty Relationships and also marks the 35th anniversary of Treaty Day, which commemorates the key role our treaties play in the relationship between the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq and the Crown.  This year’s poster highlights four major themes: Ceremony and Consensus; Peace and Friendship; Denial and Damage; and Renewal and Reconciliation.

In the spirit of peace, friendship and reconciliation, the Strait Regional Centre for Education encourages students, staff, parents/guardians, families and community partners to share in the celebration of Mi’kmaq History Month 2021.

We Are All Treaty People. Every Child Matters.

There are a number of valuable educational on-line resources included below that will provide information and insight into the contributions of people of Mi'kmaq heritage in Nova Scotia, Canada and the world.

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