Students Take Part in the Hour of Code

Students Take Part in the Hour of Code

During the week of December 8 to 12, 2014, 18 of our 21 schools in the Strait Regional School Board participated in the Hour of Code initiative, one of the largest international learning events.  It was held as part of Computer Science Education Week.

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to simply explain the concept of code by teaching students the basics.  Coding is an important part our everyday lives in terms of the computers and applications we use and rely on.  In the many photos below, students had great fun learning about coding while also enhancing their problem-solving, logic and creativity skills.  For more information, please visit

In the photo below, Grade 8 students at St. Andrew Junior School are very focused during their hour of code activities.

During their Hour of Code, students in Laurie Bloomfield’s Grade 4B class at St. Andrews Consolidated School used the Hopscotch app and the website to learn coding skills and create their own iPad apps. The students created programs that included event handling, movement, drawing, appearance changes and control flow. They then took their newly acquired skills and taught their book buddies in Grade Primary C how to do the same. This experience enabled all of the students to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of coding, stronger collaboration abilities and better problem solving skills.

St. Andrews Consolidated School Grade 4 students during their Hour of Code activities.

Grade 7 Bayview Education Centre student Brandon Beaton (below) uses the classroom Mimio to complete an activity during the Hour of Code.

In the photo below,
Antigonish Education Centre’s Grade 3 students were very excited to take part in several activities using an iPad during the Hour of Code!

Grade Primary students at Tamarac Education Centre took part in the Hour of Code by spending an hour making ten (10) different video games using the Mimio!

Grade 2/3 students at Fanning Education Centre/Canso Academy are actively engaged in Course 1 of the Hour of Code program. The students had so much fun, they immediately asked when their next hour would take place!

East Richmond Education Centre Grade 8 students Joel Middleton, John Michael Wall, Leland Carter and Emily Carter (pictured below left to right) teach Scratch and Java during the Hour of Code that took place with all Grades Primary to 8 classes. The four students participated in an Hour of Code training session last year and now this year they are sharing what they learned and leading the sessions with their peers!

The Hour of Code takes place from December 8-14, 2014.
Coding can assist with innovation across subject areas and provides the opportunity for problem solving, critical thinking and logic.

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Hour of Code in the Strait Regional School Board