NSVS (Distance Education/Distributed Learning)

SRCE NSVS Expectations

Attendance of a student is essential as with a regular classroom course. Attendance can not easily be monitored, so daily contact by the student with the teacher is required.

Changes in course registration must be done within the first six day cycle.

The school contact teacher will ensure that the students have access to a computer and encourage students to work diligently on their courses. If contacted by the instructor regarding a student's work, the school contact teacher will meet with the student to discuss the teacher's concerns. If the student has difficulty with the software the contact teachers can assist the student to contact the NSVS Help Desk.

The time spent working on the course each day is the duration of one semestered class plus time at home (off-line). Students can expect to spend as much time working at home as they normally would for a course which they are taking in the classroom. There will be off-line activities such as reading assignments, planning and drafting responses.


How To Register


You must be registered in order to begin a course. 

If you are a student from the Strait Regional Centre for Education, please contact your Guidance Counsellor.
You will require:

 Student's Provincial #
 Student's Full Name
 Student's Grade
 Student's Email (@gnspes.ca account)
 Student's School

 Home Address
 Home Phone Number
 Home Email
 Course Selection 


All students registered in NSVS courses must have an GNSPES Email account.
Emails from outside accounts (ie. gmail, HotMail, etc.) will not be accepted. If you do not have an GNSPES email account, please request one from your contact person. Accounts are free and quickly set up.  


Receive login information via email.

You will receive an email containing your username and password for NSVS Moodle (Distributed Learning platform).

Step 4 - BEGIN

Begin your course.

Use your new username and password to login. 

General student inquiries: Students should speak with their school NSVS contact.

Question relating to program issues: Students may contact their course teacher.

For general information about the Nova Scotia Virtual School: email nsvs@gov.ns.ca or call 902-424-2450.